What is DLPay ?

DLPay is a serial code sales service operated by Aladdin inc..

What payment methods can I use to purchase serial codes?

You can use a PayPal account or PayPal-affiliated credit card or debit card to purchase serial codes. Please consult Paypal's official website for further details.

The confirmation email won't arrive to my email address.

Depending on your environment, our emails may not arrive. If our emails do not arrive, please try purchasing again or try using a different email address.

I closed the confirmation page and cannot check my serial code.

The serial code you purchased will also be sent to your email address. Please check your email for the serial code.

The email won't arrive

It is possilbe that our emails are being sent to your junk mail folder. If you cannot find the email, please check your junk mail folder.

The website doesn't display properly on my browser.

If you cannot browse properly, please try deleting your cache and cookies and try again.
Recommended browsers: The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox (enable JavaScript and Cookies).
If you experience issues browsing our page, please contact us via Contact us.